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The Police K-9 Association was established in 1985, shortly after the start of the K-9 Unit.  Original founding members created bylaws. These were created by K-9 handlers, for K-9 handlers. The Police K-9 Association was created to help get the equipment, training needed to be a successful K-9 team.  There are costs in starting and maintaining a successful K-9 program. City and county financial expenses often cut out needed equipment, to maintain policing in other areas. That is where the Police K-9 Association assists these agencies.  

We help offset the cost in training, equipment, and medical needs of both active, and retired K-9’s…

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We have a store coming soon, along with personal messages from all handlers. We tried collecting statements from the dogs themselves, but will have to wait for the handlers to translate. Please be sure to visit us on Facebook, by using the link below, and check back soon for updates.






















Deputy Beohm



“I appreciate PK9A’s support of current K9 as well as how they reach out to assist once you lose your Retired K9. Also, I like the idea of not only making your partner more tactical through various exercises but they train the handlers to become more tactical as well, which creates a solid partnership. I’ll be starting this spring introducing new techniques to my 3rd K9 (Omar)”
Deputy Beohm
K-9 Otis
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office

Ptlm. Eubanks



“The reason K-9 Breeze and I love being In the association is that it’s more than just a bunch of guys coming to train. It’s a family of brothers and their K-9 partners. We come together for one cause; to succeed on the streets and to Conquer all evil. The Association also helps All K-9 handlers succeed while on and off the job, while bringing multiple agencies together to be available to help each handler succeed daily.”
Ptlm. Eubanks
K-9 Breeze
Cambridge Police Department

Ptlm. Garber



“PK9A provides training, equipment and experience to K9 teams that’s priceless. Without the association our K-9 unit would not be as successful, nor where it is today without the Police K-9 Association.”
Ptlm. Garber
K-9 Simon
Salem Police Department