A Little About Us,

The Police K-9 Association was established in 1985, shortly after the start of the K-9 Unit.  Original founding members created bylaws. These were created by K-9 handlers, for K-9 handlers. The Police K-9 Association was created to help get the equipment, training needed to be a successful K-9 team.  There are costs in starting and maintaining a successful K-9 program.
City and county financial expenses often cut out needed equipment, to maintain policing in other areas. That is where the Police K-9 Association assists these agencies.  

We help offset the cost in training, equipment, and medical needs of both active, and retired K-9’s.
The Police K-9 Association assists K-9 handlers from approximately 30 police and sheriff departments.  We continue to grow, as the need for K-9’s continues to increase; so does our responsibility to support these new  K-9 teams.
Our Board of Director’s is comprised of Active & Retired Handlers as well as one Civilian, all on a volunteer basis.